Triometal Service - Warehouse shelving

Pallet racks

Rack storage is used for warehouse storage pallet. It secures effective using of warehouse space and height.
Frames and traverses of pallet racks are made ​​from cold-rolled metal profiles. The thickness of steel is 3 mm. Pallet traverses (horizontal bearing elements) are tied to the frame (vertical bearing elements) using hooks with controlled increments of 100 mm

Covering of pallet racks is polymer powder. Rack storage of this type can stand equable loading on layer from 500 kg to 4000 kg. The maximum loading on the rack is 9000-12000 kg.

Rack storage medium series. Shelves

Racks of this type are used to store the piece of goods, boxes, cases. Frame of shelf storage consists of two vertical pillars (bent profile with ribs 50х25х13х8 mm perforated), connected by a horizontal and diagonals brace. Pillars of rack storage are made ​​from galvanized metal. Traverse of rack is made of bent sheet metal thickness of 1.8 mm with hook for attachment to the frame.

 Traverse surface is polymer powder.  At the customer’s option it is possible that shelves will be completed with metal shelves or shelves with chipboard. Step of traverse permutation is 75 mm. The maximum loading on the shelf is 400 kg.

Rack storage light series. Shelves

Rack storage are similar to the rack storage medium series. The difference is in less load-lifting capacity (80-120 kg per shelf) and accordingly has lower cost. The elements of rack storage are made ​​from galvanized metal, the step of shelf permutation is 200 mm.

Drive- in-rack

Drive-in-rack is used for storage of unvaried type load on pallets. It guarantees maximal efficiency of height and warehouse area using. The design of this rack storage is made from elements of pallet racks and rails for pallet storage with load.

Movable (portable) racks (archive)

Movable racks (archive) are needed to store the archives of libraries, design institutes, banks and other quarters. These racks provide the most efficient use of space archival area and protection of archival documents.

 Movable racks (mobile racks) can use up to 90 % of the space. Rack moving on mounted floor rails
slide rail) is due to the rotation of the lever moving mechanism. There is only one pass for service in mobile shelving block (archive rack storage), which is created by moving racks in anywhere in the block, and it is much more efficient to the stationary shelving.

Many-storied rack(Mezzanine)

Mezzanine (two-stored rack) is used to store a large assortment of small and medium loads (auto parts, medicine, office goods, etc.) in two or more floors (two-stored rack). On the altitude of platform (two-stored rack) is created a metal or wooden floor. Movement between floors takes place using stairs or lift. Mezzanine (two-stored rack) ensures efficient using of warehouse height under conditions of manual access to the load.

A-like rack storage

The section of the rack is collapsible structure appointed for vertical storage and storage of long load, shelves for building materials.

Rack storage console

Rack storage (rack console) is collapsible rack system appointed for horizontal warehousing and storage of long goods

Triometal Service Company provides engineering, delivery and installation of following equipment: pallet racks, shelves for medium and  light loads, drive-in racks, movable (portable) racks, many-storied rack.Mezzanine (platform)