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Pallet Rack

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Movable (portable) racks

Many-storied rack (platform)

Rack storage of Triometal Service Company are knockdown construction that includes several individual elements, namely frames and traverses. Pallet racks’ frames and traverse are made ​​from cold rolled metal profiles. Steel thickness is 3 mm. Traverse of pallet rack (horizontal bearing elements) are attached to the frame (vertical bearing elements) using hooks with regulated adjustable 100 mm increments. This type of rack storage is assembled in one or two lines with whichever length. The number of storeys can also be different.

The advantages of pallet racks include:

- Easy and quick access to every single load;

- High lift-loading ability;

- Good filling of the storage quarters;

- Easy rack storage installation and dismantling;

- Possibility of rack storage extra integration and increasing of places for pallet;

- Convenience and high speed service;

- The possibility of automating load control that arrives and leaves.

Ivano–Frankivsk rack storage


Medium series rack storage (shelves) is comfortable type of rack system to store on the shelves load in plastic or metal containers or boxes. There are main elements: 1) Frame 2) Traverse 3) On the customer’s demand the shelves are metal (galvanized). The frame of shelves consists of two vertical pillars (bent profile with ribs 50х25х13х8 mm with perforation), jointed by a horizontal and diagonals struts. Rack storage pillars are made ​​from galvanized metal. Traverse of rack storage is made from bent metal sheet with thickness of 1.8 mm with hook for attachment to the frame. The traverse covering is a polymer powder. At the customer’s option shelves are completed by metal shelves or shelves with chipboard. Step of traverse transposition is 75 mm. Maximal loading on the shelf is 500 kg.

Shelves are classified according to the quantity of sides:

single rack storage (is located near the walls of the quarters, and is served by storehouse workers);
    double rack storage (is served by two sides, arranged to provide free access)

Mentioned rack storage has a great number of advantages:
    easy access to individual load;
    possibility of load’s automated control of that arrives and leaves;
    simplicity of assembly and disassembly;
    high field-perfomance data;
    extra integration opportunity of storage equipment ;
    low cost of load place.

 Rack storage mentioned series in Ivano- Frankivsk use the following companies: Motor Companies

"Ford", "Volkswagen", "Nissan", PE "Panorama", LLC "Eva -Service", private entrepreneurs and other organizations.

Ternopil rack storage

Shelves light series are widely used in various spheres of storehouse area :

 large and small storehouses;

logistics distribution centers;

storehouse of wholesale and retail trade;

huge supermarkets;

archives, libraries and others.

Light series rack storage have the following line of advantages:

easy access to any separated load;

opportunity of goods’ inserting control;

quick and easy rack storage assembling and dismantling;

high field performance;

possibility of small configuration, for smaller quarters;

low cost one load place;

lightness of transportation .

In Ternopil this type of rack storage are used by following firms: wholesale storehouses of beverage, PE "ELT", Ltd. "Effect Farm", PE "Zahid-EVT", Kyivstar, private entrepreneurs and other organizations.

Khmelnytskyi rack storage

Rack storage drive in, the same type are used to store uniform load on pallets. And they ensured maximal efficiency of using height and square of ​​the storehouse. The design of this rack storage is based on elements of pallet racks and rails for storage pallet with load.


Volyn rack storage

Movable rack (archive) is needed to store the archives of libraries, planned institutes, banks and others quarters. These racks provide the most efficient using space of archival quarters and protection of archival documents.

Movable rack storage (mobile racks) can use up to 90 % of the quarters’ space.
Moving on racks built-in floor battens (rails) is realized thanks to the rotation of stick moving mechanism. In movable racks block (archive rack storage), there is only one pass for attendance, which is created by rack storage moving in anywhere in the block, that is much more efficient in relation to the stationary rack storage.

Transcarpathia rack storage

Mezzanine (two-stored rack storage) is used to store a large classification of small and medium loads (auto parts, medical supplies, office supplies, etc.) in two or more floors (two-stored shelf). At the back altitude of platform (two-stored rack) creates metal or wooden covering. Movement between floors is done via stairs or lift. Mezzanine (two-stored rack storage) ensures efficient using of storehouse height under conditions of manual access to the load.



Triometall Service Company provides engineering, delivery and installation of the following equipment: pallet racks, shelving Racks middle of the series and a series of light, entry racking (drive in), mobile racks, shelving multi-storey racking.Mezzanine (platform)