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Material Handling

Company Triometal Service, offers an integrated solution about outfit of storehouse and industrial quarters full range of load equipment, such as diesel, gas, gas-petrol, gasoline, electric loaders, platform lift-truck, rocla, varied metal trolleys.


Autoloaders should be divided according to type of fuel: diesel, gas , gas-petrol and electric loaders.

Diesel loaders are normally exacting to the quality of fuel, engine has more torque than gas, longer working on one refuelling. On the downside is possibility to refer inability to use in a bolted lodging.

Gas and gas-petrol autoloaders  - differ in the first place their best (in comparison with diesel loader) fuel economy. There is also a considerable advantage of gas and gas-petrol such as environmental safety, allowing in many cases used loader in sheltered storehouses. The disadvantage of such models is necessity to keep the loader exchangeable fund of gas bulb and regularly take them to the filling station.

Electric three and four-bearing loaders
as opposed to loaders with internal combustion engines were designed on the whole for work in bolted lodging, so they are most used in closed production areas, and as well as grocery storehouses. In electric autoloaders is no internal combustion engine, which gives an advantage in the first place in environmental aspect, and in the second place in work in narrow rack storage passages.

Electric , unlike trucks with internal combustion engines have been designed primarily for use indoors , so often you can see them on closed production sites , as well as to grocery stores. In Electric no internal combustion engine and electric motors are small enough so the ability to work in narrow spans become blocked Rack major advantage.

Platform lift-truck


Platform lift-truck is convenient storage equipment which is specifically designed to work maximum comfortably in areas where is lack of space. Given technique will help using multi-layered square of storehouse. Platform lift-truck are various forms:

Hand hydraulic - hydraulic hand usually is not expensive, easy using.

Hand with elevator  is the most efficient and convenient in using with increased loader capacity and working speed. Given platform lift-truck doesn’t use fuel, noiselessly work, but movement in the storehouse is realized by hand method.

Self- reach - is managed by buttons on the handle control and is equipped with a protecting braking system in emergency situations.


Rocla pallet used in pallet-loader transportation moved by hand. First of all, they are designed for storehouses with a small or medium-sized loader.


Hand-trolley different configurations for different customer’s requirements are appointed for loader transportation in the storehouse, shop and other quarters.
   Our products will help to economize your time, convenient, reliable in using.
   The quality of our proposed warehouse equipment and warehouse equipment fulfils all customers’ requirements, as our equipment is made from high quality metal and qualitative colouring in powder chamber. Our products are manufactured on modern equipment that gives us ability to individual customer’s wishes, that we should be able to produce our product different heights, different depths and different widths.
 Ltd. "Triometal Service" uses an individual approach to each client, it’s possible for client to have an individual project customers using metal products of our company.

Triometall Service Company provides engineering, delivery and installation of the following equipment: pallet racks, shelving Racks middle of the series and a series of light, entry racking (drive in), mobile racks, shelving multi-storey racking.Mezzanine (platform)