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Triometal Service. – Trading Equipment
Rack storage (trading equipment) for shops, supermarkets and hypermarkets.
 Company Triometal Service proposes trading equipment, which is the base for the open type of trade where it is necessary that the goods in full have been presented at trading hall. Trading rack storage use for goods display in the grocery and industrial stores (stores such as "stall" and

“supermarket”), appliance stores, drug stores, markets and trading halls.
 Given rack storage are called not only to create an interior of trading hall and introduce goods, but should be maximum ergonomic and long-lasting. And most importantly is to bear high loading. Powder painting significantly increases the wear resistance of surfaces is more hygienic and has an excellent look.
 Triometal Service Company understands that every client it's a personality, so we are ready to help you find a solution, about the most effective disposition of our products in your future store. That’s why in the design we take into consideration the following: size of the future store, assortment, quarters technical conditions. Our experts will help you to choose optimum equipment for functional variables, design and price.
  We are always happy to help in designing and store organization – it's always a conversation between our knowledge and experience and practical skills and client desire.

Rack storage equipment for technical articles

 We offer rack storage equipment that allows conveniently and efficiently use trade space. This equipment allows you to save a large volume of minute and unpackaged goods. At the same time containers that store the goods, at your pleasure can be regulated both in height and in length. It allows to place on one storey several different types of goods.
 Special metal cabinets for containers are well suited for storing small articles, in storehouses, in auto-workshops in different industrial objects. Cabinets are equipped with controlled height shelves for metal and plastic containers.
Triometal Service Company also offers movable system of minor goods storage, that will secure your goods’ moving across quarters.

  Other equipment
 We offer a general choice of trolleys, which supply a comfortable realization of various type of work. Our products are made of high-quality laminated steel and easy to use.
 Triometal Service Company offers trolley producing custom-designated.
The range of our products also have industrial furniture appointed for stationary equipment and mobile workplace equipment jobs of different enterprises, service stations, workshops, industrial quarters.


Triometal Service Company provides engineering, delivery and installation of following equipment: pallet racks, shelves for medium and  light loads, drive-in racks, movable (portable) racks, many-storied rack.Mezzanine (platform)

shelving under clothes
shelving for shoes
shelving for cosmetic