Triometal Service - Pallet Racks

                    The purpose of product:

Shelves of Company Triometal Service are appointed to store different many-shelved, container and load pieces by folding them and stationary (fixed) installation in industrial quarters, stores, warehouses, shops and other quarters appropriate profile and industry purpose.

At the moment enterprise is offering equipment with different characteristics: shelves Series 90 - 10 800 kg per section; shelves Series 120 - 15 000kg section.

  1. General structure of the rack storage

      Shelves are collected from special appointed for it items industrially manufactured according to the approved technical documentation.

Racking system consists of the following elements

         Sectional frame rack storage (vertical support elements); ;

Traverse (horizontal element, bearing element)..

Couple of traverse constructs the level (shelf) of rack storage, which is set bearing
stockpiled loads.
 Joined with each other to construct shelves section frame and traverses rack sections are
established or independently, or are collected in shelving rows.
 Rack storage are installed on a flat surface with hard covering and fixed using assembly elements (anchor bolts and other; hereinafter: the standard industrial components and fasteners are supplied by manufacturer completed with the order. For frames stowing are used bolt joining using the class not lower than 8.8. ).


Additional elements and accessories help to apply universal storage shelves of a wide range of goods according to the consumer’s tasks (is not included in the basic set of equipment and is custom-made).
Rack storage, according to the consumer’s agreement, is completed with extra elements of stability and security, which are secured the safety of equipment exploitation in different conditions, including using mechanized loading facilities and equipment.

                     The frame of rack storage

Sectional frame of pallet rack is completed from the following elements:

Banister of rack (2 pcs. per frame );

Abutment (2 pcs. per frame);

Bush (2 pcs. per frame);

Strut (horizontal and diagonal, in necessary amount for piling a frame appropriate height ).

1) Banister of rack storage is a special profile of complicated shape produced by cold forming for rolling state and a perforated in the stream. Material for banister of rack storage is classed hot-rolled carbon steel.
2) Material for bush is high-quality cold-rolled galvanized steel.
3) Supporting abutment of rack storage is appointed to distribute loads from rack construction on the concreted floor surface. The group is made of heavy plate carbon and is attached to the floor and two anchor bolts.

                      Traversy of rack storage

Traverses are the main horizontal elements that hold pallet with load. Couple of traverse creates rack level (shelf), which load is installed on. Depending on the weight of the pallet traverses selected individually for the customer by our specialists.

                     The covering of the rack storage

As an anticorrosive covering of rack’s storage basic elements applied enamel powder (standard colors RAL5005, RAL2004).
 Powder paints applied to beforehand cleaned and prepared surface using electrostatic high voltage field thanks is creating high-quality equable covering across the surface details.

Polymerization of powder covering occurs in a special chamber at 180-200 ° C temperature.
 For the production of strut’s frames is used high quality galvanized steel with first class covering, which forms the active valence corrosion protection of construction.

                      The safety of rack storage

To prevent the accidental release of traverse engagement with perforation stance of rack storage using special pawl. For solatium of influence consequence rack line and create extra stability is used dual series connection between them.
To prevent falling goods out of shelves, and for creation extra stability of rack sections using special pallet limiter. To prevent accidental strokes and damage by handling equipment are used protective rack elements.



Triometall Service Company provides engineering, delivery and installation of the following equipment: pallet racks, shelving Racks middle of the series and a series of light, entry racking (drive in), mobile racks, shelving multi-storey racking.Mezzanine (platform)