Triometal Service - rack storage,shelves,movable rack,many-storied rack (mezzanine), pallet rack,made-to-order

The "Triometall Service" Company proposes a range of technical services in the sphere of rack storage equipment, rack storage, shelves for medium and light loads, drive- in rack, movable rack, many-storied rack and other types of rack storage systems.



              We propose following rack storage and warehouse equipment:


       One of our doubtless advantages is high quality of the proposed equipment. We produce it from high quality materials. Additionally, we use modern production machines. This gives us wide opportunity to manufacture a variety of designs to order.

       We'll help you to find the optimal storage system for warehouses, stores, trading centers, offices and other quarters. We'll offer various version for comfortable and reliable construction of warehouse storage equipment for any goods and load.

Triometal Service Company provides engineering, delivery and installation of following equipment: pallet racks, shelves for medium and  light loads, drive-in racks, movable (portable) racks, many-storied rack.Mezzanine (platform)